Woolridge Road Widening Project Update

As residents of Woodlake, most of us are aware of the proposed Woolridge Road Widening Project. A number of questions about the progress have been asked. To avoid rumors and incorrect information, we contacted Brent Epps, a senior engineer with the Department of Transportation for an official update.

According to Epps, “Dominion is expected to have line crews out on the project within 30 days, assuming no emergency work pulls them away. We are working with the Army Corps of Engineers and The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality on the permits needed for the actual road construction, but those aren’t necessary until the utility work is complete. The utility work alone is anticipated to take 12 months. We plan to advertise the project for construction over the winter, with actual road construction starting about this time next year.”

If you would like to stay in the loop, you can check the project page on the county website RIGHT HERE.

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