Women’s Doubles Tournament Kicks Off!

The courts are full of excitement as the 2019 Women’s Doubles Tournament kicks off on a beautiful summer evening. We have 28 teams of ladies registered to play in this Woodlake in house tournament. The ladies are all looking forward to competing against each other during this friendly competition. Tina Tomlinson and Laura Becker were the 2018 Women’s Doubles Tournament Champions. Who will be the 2019 Champions?

One very neat aspect of this tournament is that we have several Mother-Daughter teams playing. What a great bonding experience! Many of the younger generation of Woodlake players grew up learning how to play tennis at Woodlake. Now they are young adults and joining their Mom’s to play in the Women’s Doubles Tournament.

While this is a competitive tournament, many of our Woodlake ladies enjoy playing in this tournament because they enjoy the camaraderie and friendliness of this tournament. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced tennis player or a novice at the sport. Everyone is welcome as the ladies support each other while they are playing on the courts and while socializing off the courts. The friendliness of our Woodlake players is one of the things that make our Woodlake tennis program so great. What is happening off the courts is just as important as what is happening on the courts.

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