We love hearing success stories!

We love hearing success stories here at Woodlake, especially stories about members’ experiences with personal training. Here is a testimonial from one of our clients who train with Laurie.

“For the past 2 ½ years, I have been lucky to get to workout with Laurie during her STARS classes and as my personal trainer on a weekly basis. Laurie’s amazing skills as a trainer, make exercise fun and meaningful. I love the way that she weaves empirical fitness news and stories related to maintaining proper fitness habits into each session. Laurie varies each training session; carefully planning strength, balance, and aerobic activities. It never gets “old” as she “dreams” up new ways to keep me engaged and challenged. In the past, I would lose focus and could not stick with an exercise regiment, but now exercise is an integral part of my life, not just an “add on”! Laurie has given me the confidence to push myself to be my personal best, by encouraging me to meet my fitness goals to maintain a healthy weight and stay strong and flexible. Thanks to Laurie, I have been able to keep off those pesky pounds and continue to increase my strength and endurance.”

Personal training here at Woodlake is a great add on to help you succeed with your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, or simply just get stronger, or just learn how to get into a routine, we are here for you! We offer both 30 minute and hour sessions and will pair you up with a trainer that specializes in your needs. Contact Emily, our fitness supervisor, at emilyp@woodlakeonline.com, for more information on personal training or to set up your free fitness consultation.

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