The Woodlake Volunteer Support Committee is created for the purpose of working with and for the WCA and limit its activities with tasks that have been approved by the WCA board and delegated by the WCA board to the Woodlake Volunteer Committee to be executed. These activities are aimed at improving the community at large. The specific purposes of the Committee include the following responsibilities:

  • Recruit and manage volunteers from the community of Woodlake residents
  • Assist with organizing and managing events
  • Provide recommendations to and support the WCA Board, and WCA Community Manager
  • Maintain and support the Neighborhood Advocates community
  • Provide new ideas to the WCA board regarding initiatives that can be organized and managed by volunteers

Currently the volunteer support committee consists of three permanent committee members:

  • Adriaan van de Rijken (chair)
  • Matt Oggle (vice chair)
  • Cindy McVey (recording secretary)

New committee members will be vetted and selected by the existing permanent committee members (or by the WCA board in case of lack of), and confirmed by the WCA Board. Committee members will constitute a cross-section of the Woodlake community at large, from a gender and age perspective. Furthermore, the Volunteer Committee shall exist of a group of volunteers who will be available to support and help with specific tasks and activities.

We Need Your Help!

We urge you to join as a volunteer. You can play an active role increase the community feel in Woodlake and improve our Life on the Lake. We are reaching out to each and every one of you to apply your talents. Every talent is welcome, you don’t have to be a professional. We just want you to be handy, creative, and enthusiastic with and about your talent.

The type of volunteers we are looking for (but not limited to):

  • Event supporters (e.g. St. Patty’s Day, 10K, Friday Night Cheers)
  • We are looking for people who would help with organizing events, setting up and breaking down the event, and with handling food and beverages, and help with task that need to get done during the event)
  • Woodlakers for Woodlakers – residents who, incidentally, need a ride to the doctor, need some groceries picked up, etc.
  • We are looking for people who are available during the day to occasionally help others in our neighborhood who need to make it to a doctor’s appointment, who are injured but are in need of some groceries)
  • Handy(wo)men (carpentry, painting, landscaping, construction, etc) to support our residents in need
  • Neighborhood Advocates (representing their neighborhood)
  • Any other talent you would like to provide to Woodlake

Please send an email to and provide us with your name, address, phone number, whether you are 21+ years old or younger, and the talent(s) you want to sign up for.

The term for volunteers is not restricted but may be ended by the following conditions:

  • Resignation by the volunteer member
  • Becoming a non-resident of Woodlake
  • Not aligning with the committee’s goals. This is per the discretion of the permanent committee members and the WCA board.

A Few Clarifications...

The Woodlake Volunteer Support Committee, as a whole, does not have any approval or sign-off rights regarding activities and tasks delegated to them by the WCA board unless explicitly delegated to the committee by the WCA board in writing.

Neither do we hold any budget, nor financial responsibilities for any of the activities and tasks delegated to them by the WCA board unless explicitly provided for each individual activity or tasks delegated to the committee by the WCA board in writing.

The committee will meet at least ten times per year and every resident is very welcome to join us. The meeting date and time, as well as the agenda, will be available on the official Woodlake website at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.

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