Capital Improvements Coming Soon!

The Board of Directors has approved two capital improvements to our community. Read on for more details!

Trail Widening and Repair

We wanted to inform you that we will begin the repair, repaving, and widening of various trails in Woodlake on Tuesday, September 26. Work will be conducted between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. This project will take approximately one month.

During the process, there will be some noticeable noise and requisite materials will be in the area. Please be aware that if you have installed an irrigation system or planted shrubbery in the common property near the trail, it may be disturbed, as the equipment required for this process needs adequate clearance. If you need assistance understanding whether or not your personal property is in our easement, please contact Amber Nelson at so our maintenance department can advise you.

The included trails, depicted on the map below, are as follows:

Repair and Re-pave:
#3 West Shore to Reservoir
#4 Pleasant Grove
#5 Woods Walk to the school
#6 Moss Creek
#11 West Branch

Repair, re-pave, and widening to 6 feet of exiting trail:
#2 Willow Glen
#7 Lake Side by Long Cove stop a while
#8 Lake Side from Shelter Cove parking lot to Country Walk dog station
#9 Shelter Cove parking lot
#10 Tom Sawyer Island along the fence at the water treatment plant

AFC Drainage Project

We are also excited to announce that the first phase of the Aquatic and Fitness Center renovation project begins this Monday, September 18th. This project is comprised of four phases including drainage, gutters, venting, and siding replacement. Drainage is the first step toward replacing the siding at the AFC; this requires us to remove the standing water around the building and stop the leaking water inside the building. We must stabilize the building's foundation before the siding can be replaced. The drainage portion of the project will take up to 8 weeks and we appreciate your patience as we work through these improvements.

What does this mean for you?

Work will be conducted Monday through Friday from 7am-5pm. During this time, the AFC will be noisy and the surrounding area, especially the main entrance area, may be muddy and access from the front parking lot may be restricted as material is delivered or equipment moves through the area. You can still access the building via the back entrance. While not in use, construction vehicles will be stored in the East West Circle. Aside from these minor issues, the AFC will operate normally. Please remain vigilant when walking through the area on your way to the AFC and watch for increased traffic!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Juli Reddington at or Amber Nelson at

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process!

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