The Red Ball Clinic was a Smash!

What fun the kids had at Red Ball 1 Clinic this week! As a part of their clinic Tuesday afternoon clinic, these 6-8 year old youth are all playing the “Castle” game that Coach Greet France created. The object of this game is to hit the castle with the tennis ball and knock over the cones and baskets. The skills that they are working on while playing this fun game are proper strokes and accuracy. Greet uses lots of fun drills and games like this whenever she teaches the younger kids.

The Red Ball stage is the first stage in our developmental junior tennis program and is for kids who range in age from 3-8 years old. Within the Red Ball group, we offer a Red Ball, Red Ball 1 and Red Ball 2 clinic, depending on the child’s age and ability. All of the Red Ball youth use a slower ball and play on a smaller court while using a light weight, shorter racquet. The Red Ball youth are working on basic strokes, proper racquet grip, footwork and racquet and ball control, all while they are having a great time playing games and activities!
For more information about the Woodlake Junior tennis program, please call the tennis hut at 739-4120 or email

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