2018 Fall Adult Clinics


Tuesday9:30-11:00 amSuburban B Clinic (Rene)
Wednesday9:30-11:00 am
Suburban C Clinic (Greet)
Thursday9:00-10:30 amSuburban A Clinic (Rene)
10:00-11:00 amBeginner Adult (Greet)
Friday9:30-11:00 amCardio Tennis/Co-Ed 3.5 and above (Rene)


Monday7:00-8:30 pm3.0 Men’s Clinic (Don)
7:00-8:30 pm4.0/4.5 Men’s Clinic (Rene)
Tuesday6:00-7:00 pmBeginner Adult (Rene)
7:00-8:30 pm2.5/3.0 Women’s Clinic (Rene)
Wednesday7:00-8:30 pm3.5 Women’s Clinic (Don)
Thursday7:00-8:30 pm3.5 Men’s Clinic (Rene)
Friday6:30-8:00 pmCardio Tennis/Co-Ed 3.5 and above (Rene)

The Cardio Tennis drills work on the fitness aspect of the game of Tennis. By practicing Cardio Tennis drills, a player can develop the stamina needed to endure long tennis matches.

The Men & Women 3.5 & above clinics are designed to focus on building a players game. Both singles & doubles play patterns are developed through a progressive use of tactical dead ball, live ball and competitive decision making drills

The Men & Women 2.5-3.0 clinics are designed to focus on stroke production, court positioning for singles and doubles and strategy. This program incorporates wonderful instruction with lots of fun.

Beginners clinics are designed to teach students the fundamental strokes of tennis.

The Early Bird clinic is designed to start your day off “fresh” with a good, intense workout. It is a cardio workout using tennis drills.

The Friday Fun Drills clinic is a fun combo of drills, games, and point play. Some strategy is involved with a lot of good playing time.

More Info

We also offer private and semi private lessons. Call the Tennis Hut at (804) 739-4120 or email: tennis@woodlakeonline.com

Junior Tennis: Red & Orange Ball

FALL SESSION: September 10 - November 2 (8 weeks)

Red Ball (Ages 8 and Under)

  • Slower play on smaller courts (36’) allows players to enjoy the game without being overwhelmed by high bouncing balls or large courts.
  • Shorter racquets enable earlier rally/play (19” - 23”).
  • Development of technique and simple tactics.
  • We will teach the basics of grips, footwork, racket control, etc. all while making it fun with games and activities to enhance athletic skills.

Red Ball (Ages 3-5)
4:00pm-4:30pm T/Th
1 Day: $88 (Member) $128 (Non-Member)
2 Day: $176 (Member) $256 (Non-Member)

Red Ball 1 (Ages 6-8)
4:30pm-5:15pm T/Th

Red Ball 2 (Ages 6-8)
5:15pm-6:00pm T/Th
1 Day: $112 (Member) $152 (Non-Member)
2 Day: $224 (Member) $304 (Non-Member)

Orange Ball (Ages 10 and Under)

Play is faster vs. Red stage which allows players to begin more complicated patterns on a larger court with higher bouncing balls.

Lower bounce appropriate for child’s size, with racquet size (25” and below).

Implementation of advanced techniques and tactics on a larger court (60’).

A more complex skill set is required to prepare players for stronger competition.

Orange Ball 1 (Ages 8-10)
5:00pm-6:00pm M/F

Orange Ball 2 (Ages 8-10)
6:00pm-7:00pm M/F
1 Day: $128 (Member) $168 (Non-Member)
2 Day: $256 (Member) $336 (Non-Member)

Green Ball

Play is faster vs. Orange stage and is played on a regulation size tennis court (78'). Players will use this stage to get comfortable with the larger court size and technique needed to execute at this level. Here they will work on advanced footwork and rallying progesssions.

Racquet sizes (25” - 29”)

Beginner (Ages 12 and up)
5:30pm-6:30pm W/F
1 Day: $128 (Member) $168 (Non-Member)
2 Day: $256 (Member) $336 (Non-Member)

Travel 1 (Ages 10-12)
4:30pm-6:00pm T/Th
1 Day: $176 (Member) $216 (Non-Member)
2 Day: $352 (Member) $432 (Non-Member)

Yellow Ball

The final stage of the Red, Orange, Green, and Yellow Ball progession. Here the focus will be on play-based situations and drills. Players will be pushed to understand and master the tactics and knowledge of match play.

Racquet sizes (26” - 29”)

Travel 2 (Ages 12-14)
4:00pm-5:30pm W/F
1 Day: $176 (Member) $216 (Non-Member)
2 Day: $352 (Member) $432 (Non-Member)

Travel 3 (High School)
4:00-5:30pm, M, W, F
1 Day: $176 (Member) $216 (Non-Member)
2 Day: $352 (Member) $432 (Non-Member)
3 Day: $528 (Member) $648 (Non-Member)