To improve the lives and property values of the residential and commercial members of Woodlake by developing and guiding the implementation of a long-range plan for the community. The Woodlake Master Plan should become one source document for this committee; however, the committee’s considerations should not be limited by the Master Plan. The committee, working in conjunction with the Board of Directors and the Financial Transparency Committee, should develop and annually update a five-year plan for improvements to the community, to include an estimate of the capital costs and any resulting operating costs of those improvements.


1. Carry out specific projects as assigned by the Board of Directors
2. To conduct appropriate research among the Woodlake residents to determine their interests in various amenities and willingness to bear the costs for them;
3. To develop a rolling five-year plan for improvements to amenities and services added to the community by the WCA;
4. To specifically review each proposed new amenity in the Woodlake Master Plan with the goal of determining which items should be added to the community and to set a timetable and budget for adding those amenities and propose that schedule to the Board of Directors for adoption;
5. Review the Reserve Study every five years
6. Review and recommend the prioritization of the Capital and Replacement Reserve requests each year as part of the budget process
7. To work with other relevant WCA Committees to provide a coordinated plan to the WCA Board;


The Planning Committee reports to the WCA Board of Directors and operates according to the provisions of this Charter, the bylaws of the Association, and any other regulations that may be promulgated by the Board from time to time.

This committee shall have five, seven, or nine members from the community at large, with those members being appointed according to the process for all WCA committees. Community planning experience and/or skills and/or a thorough working knowledge of the community should be emphasized in making appointments to this committee.


Written minutes will be submitted to the WCA Board of Directors following each meeting of the committee. Whenever action taken by this committee requires action by the WCA Board of Directors, the committee Chair should prepare a document separate from the minutes and provide this document to the WCA President describing the action. The Chair or the Chair’s designee should attend the WCA Board meeting and report in person to the Board whenever Board action is sought by the committee or when activities of the committee merit such reporting.


The General Manager will serve as Staff Liaison to this committee.


This committee will have responsibility for making recommendations for the areas of its responsibility during the budget development process and for monitoring the financial progress of those areas throughout the year.


This Charter will be reviewed annually by the Board.


This Charter was approved by the WCA Board of Directors at the Board Meeting held January 22, 2020 and supersedes all previous charters approved prior to this date.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 5:30pm-7:30pm at the SRC Clubhouse. Please note: additional meetings may be scheduled and residents should check the Woodlake calendar for times/locations.

Meeting Minutes

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