Our Breast Cancer Awareness Event!

This past Saturday we held our Breast Cancer Awareness Event. We had a special POUND class out by the pool with Denise and then followed that up with 4 special aqua classes. Caprese taught Aqua Drumming, Lee Anne taught Deep, Claire taught Girl Power Dance Party, and Laurie taught Aqua Fusion. We had about 60 people attend all of the classes! It was a great turnout! We even had a couple of nurse practitioners volunteer to come here to help answer anybody’s questions about breast cancer. They had informational brochures and even showed some videos on a laptop about breast cancer. Everything was followed up with a potluck! We appreciate everyone that came out and supported the cause and hope everyone had a great time and learned a little bit more about breast cancer than when they came in. We can’t wait to do another event like this again!

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