County Projects

Woolridge Widening Project: The Woolridge Road – Otterdale Road intersection will be closed for three weeks between June 15 and August 15. Additional notification will be provided prior to the closure. Daily lane closures of Woolridge Road and Otterdale Road will only be permitted between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Project Timeline: March 2018 to May 2020. For more information, click HERE.

Easement Project: Balzer and Associates are proposing to develop a high-quality community with cluster single-family lots, townhouses, an assisted living facility and office uses (mostly medical), within the Woolridge corridor. A public hearing will be held in May for all residents to voice their concerns. For more information about the proposal, click HERE.

Woodlake Community Association Projects

Hull Street Revitalization: The Hull Street Revitalization Project began on Thursday, March 15 with the power-washing of the Woodlake sign. The second step in the process was to relocate the existing flowers, plants, and bushes. The final step is installing the new plants and upgrading the irrigation system at the Hull Street entrance. We will also be upgrading the lighting at the Hull street entrance. To read more about the project, including steps and additional photos, click HERE.

AFC Drainage Project: This project is comprised of four phases including drainage (safety concern during the project, repairing the existing retaining wall), gutters, venting, and siding replacement. Drainage is the first step toward replacing the siding at the AFC; this requires us to remove the standing water around the building and stop the leaking water inside the building. We must stabilize the building’s foundation before the siding can be replaced. Management worked with Buchanan Contacting Services on the project. During the installing of the underground drainage, we incurred an additional expense Due to the weather the underground drainage, repairing the existing retaining wall part of the project will be completed in May.

Gutters: In April the new gutters were installed at the Aquatic and Fitness Center. This was the second step in the process of completing our Drainage Project. The new gutters will route water into the drainage system, which prevents water build up around the facility. Management worked with Whitley on the project start date for the gutter installing, roof inspection, and roof repair at the AFC. The project was completed in April 2018.

Trails: Repaired in 2017-2018 was $100,000 in community paths. The trails that were repaired are the highest safety concern and largest impact on the community. The trail repaving and repair project, which began in summer 2017, is about 90% complete. We have one more section to complete which is the widening and repair of the trail along the reservoir by Shelter Cove. We are waiting for the county to execute an easement license agreement and the weather to improve.

CBC: On Wednesday, March 21, the Board of Directors approved up to $140,000 to Boyd Group Construction to renovate the current AFC concession area into a new Cycle and Barre Center. As of May, demolition has begun and we are looking to surprise the community with a new Cycle and Barre Center in the near future!

Red Fern: Management continues to work on the planning the steps of the proposed new Red Fern trail. We are working through the county process and the placement of the trail.

New Shed: Management finished the purchasing and installing of the Shed at the SRC from the Insurance claim.

New Facility Cameras: Boathouse cameras are completed. Smile while you’re at the pavilion – you’re on camera! We have installed new cameras/surveillance in the Boathouse area. This includes the Pavilion, Marina, and the nearby walking trails. This is our first step towards updating the security throughout the community.