New Updates on the Drainage & Trails Projects

Drainage Project is complete!

We are excited to report that the Drainage Project at the Aquatics and Fitness Center has been completed! All underground structures have been properly installed; once the grass has regrown, Chesterfield County will conduct an inspection to ensure that erosion has been prevented, Following that inspection, they will issue a final approval. Once the approval has been issued, we will begin adding gutters to route water away from the building and into the drainage system. In 2-3 weeks, we will be repairing the retaining wall. Please take a moment to watch our short video with images of the completed project.

Trail Project update!

The trail repaving and widening project is about 90% complete! The latest trails that were completed are 1. Willow Glen to Tom Sawyer Island, 2. the section by the SRC, 3. Shelter Cove Boat Launch, 4. Tom Sawyer Island along the fence, and 5. Duck Cove. We have one more section to complete: the widening and repair of the trail along the reservoir by Shelter Cove. This will be completed in the next 2-3 weeks. Here are some photos of the recently completed trails.

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