New Concessions Snack Bar and Vendor

We are happy to announce effective tomorrow, July 1st, we will be opening Snack Bars at the AFC and SRC. We will offer assorted snack foods and drink options, please see below for details.

Airheads/Icies/Fruit Snacks.50
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Sandwiches, Drumsticks, Klondike Bars, Popsicles
Chex Mix, Pretzels, Cheeze-Its, Doritos (Regular or Cool Ranch), Cheetos, Lays (Regular or BBQ), Fritos
M&M’s (Regular or Peanut), Kit-Kat, Skittles
Granola Bars$1.00
Bottled Water$1.00
Canned Soda
Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke

AFC Snack Bar Hours: Sun- Sat: 12-5pm

SRC Snack Bar Hours: Mon-Thu: 12-5pm, Fri: 12-8pm, Sat/Sun: 12-6pm

Friday Cheers beer/wine and food will be sponsored by Butler’s Unique Catering. They will also be providing beer and wine options every Saturday/Sunday, July 4th and Labor Day.

PLEASE NOTE: You can still bring your own food if you wish. However, outside alcohol is prohibited. Coolers are subject to inspection.

We look forward to serving you this summer!

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