Committee Purpose:
The purpose of the Long Range Planning (LRP) Committee is to assist the WCA & WSRC management and the Board of Directors in the development of an updated five year plan that is consistent with the Mission Statement, values, and diverse interests of the Woodlake Community. Planning will include assessment evaluation, membership review, and large scale Capital and Reserve Fund projects.

Committee Responsibilities:
It shall be the responsibility of this committee to implement the purpose stated above and to continue to maintain the growth and development of the community.

The goals of the LRP Committee will be to enhance property values, define and promote the Woodlake brand, identify key capital spending and major maintenance projects, remain fiscally responsible to the Woodlake community, and obtain buy-in and support from the majority of Woodlake residents.

The committee will actively stay informed of compliance to various Federal, State, and County entities where necessary and required in order to further understand and communicate with the WCA Board. This will assure that Woodlake Community Association and Woodlake Swim and Racquet Clubs’ maintenance operations and policies and procedures help Woodlake maintain a positive financial footing and mitigate the risk of unplanned repairs and improvements.

Committee Organization:
The LRP committee will consist of seven (7) voting residents, two (2) senior managers and one (1) Board assigned liaison. Further, up to two (2) members of the previous LRP Committee will act in advisory/consultant roles. The committee will meet monthly and report to the Board of Directors.

The senior managers and the Board liaison will be non-voting members of the committee and shall serve as information resources.

The chairperson of the committee shall be selected by a simple majority of committee members. The role of the Chair is to maintain continuity of goals expressed by the meeting agendas and minutes and to maintain order at meetings to ensure that the committee fulfills its obligations and responsibilities as stated in the Charter.

A vice chair and secretary shall be selected by simple majority to assist the chairperson where necessary. The chair, vice chair, and secretary shall serve two-year terms, with election to be held at the end of the calendar year. Mid-term resignations shall confirm positions for any members elected within the interim of the two year term service.

Committee agendas and meeting minutes shall be posted to the WCA web site for view once approved by the Board. If, in the Board's sole discretion, a member of the committee is not fulfilling his/her responsibilities, is compromising the committee's objectives, or is otherwise acting in a manner detrimental to the committee or the WCA, the Board may remove such committee member by majority vote of the Board.

Committee Operations:
The committee shall hold a meeting at least once a month at a public location. Meetings shall be advertised at a minimum of three days in advance via email blast and

A committee member shall record the minutes of each committee meeting and the Board liaison shall present a report to the Board during their monthly meetings. The Committee is not authorized to take any action on behalf of the Woodlake Community Association until such action is reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. Committee members are not authorized to solicit bids from companies. The committee shall submit an annual plan of action to the Board by April of each year detailing specific time frames for achieving goals, program dates and the like.

The Woodlake Long Range Planning (LRP) Committee has a legal and fiduciary responsibility to Woodlake residents, and is dedicated to providing residents with recommendations aimed at protecting our investments in our individual homes and our community property.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 5:30pm-7:30pm at the SRC Clubhouse. Please note: additional meetings may be scheduled and residents should check the Woodlake calendar for times/locations.


Leo Estes
Don Huff
Nicholas Jeffers
Martin Rust
Jerry Daniels
Mark Cacamis
Georgia Cole
Jake Spruill
Phil Innis
Neal Wright

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