Junior Election Day Mini Tournament Recap!

The Junior Election Day Mini Tournament was held on Tuesday, November 5th. It was a beautiful fall day for the kids to be outside and active on the tennis courts! Twenty-five juniors ranging in age from 8 through high school participated in the tournament. Most of the participants were Woodlake players, but we even had a few juniors from other clubs in the area who took part in this fun day of tennis. The players started out the morning playing tennis for a couple of hours, then they took a short break for lunch. The kids all enjoyed eating pizza, fruit, and veggies as they spent a few minutes resting and socializing with their friends. After lunch, the kids all returned to the courts for more match play. What a great way for the kids to spend their school holiday!!

The Election Day Mini Tournament is held annually for our junior players. It is just one of the opportunities that our kids have to be on the courts playing tennis. The youth really enjoy being on the courts and actually putting the skills that they learn by participating in clinics and lessons to use.

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