It’s Women’s Singles Tournament Time!

It’s Women’s Singles Tournament Time!! The autumn days are perfect for tennis as most of the days are warm and sunny, while there is a chill in the air at night. We have fourteen Woodlake ladies who are enjoying playing in one of the final tournaments of the year There have been lots of great, competitive matches played so far. We are nearing the end of the tournament and the ladies are playing to see who will be the Tournament Champions.

Woodlake offers several in house tournaments for our members to participate in throughout the tennis season. We kick off the tennis season in April with the Mixed Doubles Tournament. This is followed by the Women’s Doubles Tournament in June. During the hot days of summer, the Mini Mixed Doubles Tournament takes place in July. Autumn arrives with the Men’s Doubles Tournament in September followed by the Men’s and Women’s Singles Tournament in October. The final tournament of the season will be the Turkey Classic in November. While our members enjoy playing in the tournaments, they also enjoy the opportunity to spend time socializing with other tennis members and supporting their friends.

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