Hydrilla In the Reservoir

At their November 17, 2021 meeting, the Woodlake Board of Directors requested an update from the Reservoir Hydrilla Management Group (RHMG) about the status of hydrilla in the Swift Creek reservoir. The Board and management team have heard from several residents regarding the current conditions in the reservoir, in addition to reading several comments about the hydrilla in the most recent amenity survey. The RHMG gave the Board and residents a short update on this topic online and in-person, while offering some short-term solutions for this ongoing problem.  Recommendations also included an additional tab on the Woodlake website for Hydrilla-related information, and working with the Chesterfield County Utility department to provide educational signage to be placed in areas around the reservoir. Additionally, a concerned resident group offered several opinions on the reservoir conditions based on research in other areas that also have hydrilla issues. This group of residents will continue to update the Board as they have discussions with Chesterfield County and the other stakeholders involved with the Swift Creek reservoir.  There is an additional tab on the Woodlake website for information about the Hydrilla issue. The Woodlake Board of Directors and management thank these folks for their efforts in providing information and education to our residents on this important issue.  The PowerPoint presentation is located below:


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