Great Turnout for SWAAG Lunch & Learn

Thank you to our host, Mel from the Lifelong Learning Center, for a very informative two-day Lunch & Learn series on Cyber Security. Mel explained many of the typical ways that we can be “hacked” or taken advantage of and provided tips that can help protect our information. Here are a few things that you can do to protect your information:

  • Do not open attachments
  • When a popup appears on your computer shut your computer down or restart to get rid of it. Do not open it or “x” out of it
  • Choose strong passwords and have two or three and a different one for each financial institution you do business with
  • Choose to be a Standard User vs an Administrator
  • Keep your software up to date – Updates that your computer notifies you about are generally due to a security breech so do the update
  • Back up your data at least once a month

As always, our SWAAG events are open to any adult 50 and over in the Woodlake Community or WSRC Club/Tennis member. There are no fees for most events and it costs nothing to join. Please email to join SWAAG. Please click here to check out the latest SWAAG Calendar!

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