Streets and Roads, Potholes and Problems

All of the streets in Woodlake belong to the State road system. Potholes and other problems may be reported to the VDOT web site or at 674-2800. All questions regarding traffic or parked vehicles on the streets should be directed to the Chesterfield County non-emergency Police department at 748-1251.

Pools, Tennis, Fitness Facilities

The Woodlake Community Association took over operations of the Woodlake Swim & Racquet Club on January 1, 2014. Membership inquiries can be made at (804) 739-3454. For complete information about the facilities, programs, and classes, please visit the club links in the main navigation.

Animal Problems

The Community Association has no authority to take action in response to animal problems. Call Chesterfield County Animal Control at 748-1683.

Yard Sales

Permission is not required to hold individual or neighborhood yard sales; however, only one sign is permitted at the neighborhood entrance on the day of the sale, and an official sign must be obtained from the WCA. There is a $20 deposit for the sign which is refunded when the sign is returned in good condition.

The WCA also sponsors a Community-Wide Yard Sale once a year in the spring. Residents hold the sale at their own home, but the WCA does all the advertising. Watch the newsletter and website for announcements regarding the date of the Community-Wide Sale.

See the blue pages of the Woodlake Directory for complete policies regarding yard sale signs.


Specific signage policies are listed in the blue pages of the Residents Telephone Directory. No signs should be tacked to permanent signage or traffic signage. No signs are to be placed on the Parkways at any time. “Yard Sale”, “Lost Pet”, “For Sale By Owner” and “For Lease By Owner” signs are available from the WCA. No other signs may be used. Call the WCA at 739-4344 for more information.

Items available at the WCA Office

  • Telephone Directories
  • “For Sale By Owner” Signs
  • “For Lease By Owner” Signs
  • Yard Sale Signs
  • Lost Pet Signs
  • Bike Trail Maps
  • Lost & Found Items
  • Mailbox and Post Paint
  • House Plans
  • Property Plans

Off-Hours Emergencies

The WCA office is open 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday – Friday, closed for lunch from 1:00-2:00 p.m. Off-hour or weekend emergencies relating to WCA property (e.g. broken irrigation, tree fallen from common property) may be directed to WCA Manager Amber Nelson at For any emergency which threatens life or property, dial 911. For matters that are non-emergencies, but need attention, call the police non-emergency number, 748-1251.