• Consultations/Orientations
  • Top Rated Fitness Classes, including Les Mills
  • 3 Fitness Challenge Programs Each Year
  • Kids Fitness Programs
  • Personal & Group Training
  • Woodlake Running Group


MON-THU: 4:30AM-9PM | FRI: 4:30AM-8PM

At Woodlake we offer many unique fitness opportunities for all ages and levels. Whether you enjoy group fitness classes, personal training, or exercising on your own we have a variety of fitness options that will help keep you active. Your experience will begin with a complimentary consultation with our Fitness Supervisor, which will help evaluate your current fitness level and what our team can do to help you achieve the best results. 

We also offer Group Exercise with over 70 classes per week, including offerings from Les Mills, POUND, Piloxing, Booty Barre, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Cycle, Aquatics, and more! We have two studios and equipment is provided.

Fitness Blog

  • Working Your Core!

    Your core muscles are some of the most important muscles in your body. Whether you are walking, jogging, or playing a sport, you are using your core muscles. Maintaining a strong core is vital to your everyday life. Some of the most common ways to keep a strong core are

  • Eating the right food!

    Eating the right food is crucial to anyone’s fitness program, just as much as the exercising. If you are working out and not eating right then you are sabotaging yourself! A lot of people get frustrated while working out because they aren’t seeing results. This is most likely because they

Our Fitness Staff

  • Daniel Peele
  • Donna Culley
  • Ann Edge
  • Greet France
  • Connie Laury
  • Judy D’Amico
  • Denise Lester
  • Mary Lou Hixson
  • Emily Payne
  • Tiffany Hoover
  • Akiko Elliot
  • Angie Jones
  • Jessie Jacobsen-Wah
  • Dorota Kawka
  • Alicia Monahan
  • Laurie LaTessa
  • Amanda Callihan
  • Alexis Layne
  • Kristine Williams
  • Anna Loucks
  • Rachel Furman
  • Claire Macdonald
  • Caprese Bastian
  • Mika Mingee
  • Amy Neal
  • Lori Nolen
  • Nancy Tatum
  • Diana Leahy