• Consultations/Orientations
  • Top Rated Fitness Classes, including Les Mills
  • 3 Fitness Challenge Programs Each Year
  • Kids Fitness Programs
  • Personal & Group Training
  • Woodlake Running Group


MON-THU: 4:30AM-9PM | FRI: 4:30AM-8PM

At Woodlake we offer many unique fitness opportunities for all ages and levels. Whether you enjoy group fitness classes, personal training, or exercising on your own we have a variety of fitness options that will help keep you active. Your experience will begin with a complimentary consultation with our Fitness Supervisor, which will help evaluate your current fitness level and what our team can do to help you achieve the best results. 

We also offer Group Exercise with over 70 classes per week, including offerings from Les Mills, POUND, Piloxing, Booty Barre, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Cycle, Aquatics, and more! We have two studios and equipment is provided.

Nanny Pass

If you have someone watching your child during the day and would like them to be able to bring the child to the pool, we offer a Nanny Pass for a one-time fee of $75 (good from Memorial Day through Labor Day). The nanny must bring your child to the pool and remain there with them. If you are interested in obtaining a Nanny Pass, please visit the AFC front desk or call 804-739-3454.

Fitness Blog

  • We Love Transformation Stories!

    We love seeing transformation stories and one of our instructors has his very own!  You may know P’nut from Zumba, but what you might not know is that he has used fitness as his own way of transformation.  By working out 5 days a week with Zumba, Yoga, and Tai

  • Check Out Our Workouts at Home!

    It’s a crazy time we are in! Most of us are stuck at home and have had to develop a new routine. One thing we can’t forget to do is to take care of ourselves! This can mean a number of things to different people, but one common idea could

Our Fitness Staff

  • Laurie LaTessa
  • Itipon Somboon
  • Anna Loucks
  • Nadya Mishutina
  • Claire Macdonald
  • Lee Anne Tragle
  • Mika Mingee
  • Melissa Hall
  • Amy Neal
  • Amy McFarlane
  • Lori Nolen
  • Diane Willson
  • Nancy Tatum
  • Karen Federice
  • Anne Edge
  • Ruth Grabiec
  • Connie Laury
  • Melissa Hatch
  • Denise Lester
  • Greet France
  • Kim Jones
  • Emily Payne
  • Daniel Peele
  • Tom Federice
  • Judy D’Amico
  • Akiko Elliot
  • Tiffany Hoover
  • Jessie Jacobsen-Wah
  • Angie Jones
  • Rachel Furman
  • Dorota Kawka
  • Caprese Bastian

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