Emergency Numbers

  • Dominion Power (Power Outages) – 1 (866) 366-4357
  • Comcast (Cable/Phone Outage) – 1-800-XFINITY
  • Verizon (Cable/Phone Outage) – 1 (800) 837-4966
  • VDOT (Fallen Trees/Blocked Roads, etc) – 1-800-367-7623
  • Chesterfield County Utilities (Clogged Storm Drains, Flooding, etc) – 804-748-1291

Streets and Roads, Potholes and Problems

All of the streets in Woodlake belong to the State road system. Potholes and other problems may be reported to the VDOT web site or at 674-2800. All questions regarding traffic or parked vehicles on the streets should be directed to the Chesterfield County non-emergency Police department at 748-1251.

Pools, Tennis, Fitness Facilities

The Woodlake Community Association took over operations of the Woodlake Swim & Racquet Club on January 1, 2014. Membership inquiries can be made at (804) 739-3454. For complete information about the facilities, programs, and classes, please visit the club links in the main navigation.

Animal Problems

The Community Association has no authority to take action in response to animal problems. Call Chesterfield County Animal Control at 748-1683.

Yard Sales

Permission is not required to hold individual or neighborhood yard sales; however, only one sign is permitted at the neighborhood entrance on the day of the sale, and an official sign must be obtained from the WCA. There is a $20 deposit for the sign which is refunded when the sign is returned in good condition.

The WCA also sponsors a Community-Wide Yard Sale once a year in the spring. Residents hold the sale at their own home, but the WCA does all the advertising. Watch the newsletter and website for announcements regarding the date of the Community-Wide Sale.

See the blue pages of the Woodlake Directory for complete policies regarding yard sale signs.


Specific signage policies are listed in the blue pages of the Residents Telephone Directory. No signs should be tacked to permanent signage or traffic signage. No signs are to be placed on the Parkways at any time. “Yard Sale”, “Lost Pet”, “For Sale By Owner” and “For Lease By Owner” signs are available from the WCA. No other signs may be used. Call the WCA at 739-4344 for more information.

Items available at the WCA Office

  • “For Sale By Owner” Signs
  • “For Lease By Owner” Signs
  • Yard Sale Signs
  • Lost Pet Signs
  • Bike Trail Maps
  • Lost & Found Items
  • Mailbox and Post Paint
  • House Plans
  • Property Plans

Off-Hours Emergencies

The WCA office is open 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. Off-hour or weekend emergencies relating to WCA property (e.g. broken irrigation, tree fallen from common property) may be directed to the WCA Manager at communitymanager@woodlakeonline.com. For any emergency which threatens life or property, dial 911. For matters that are non-emergencies, but need attention, call the police non-emergency number, 748-1251.

If a tree falls in the road, please contact VDOT at 800-367-ROAD (7623) (TTY users, call 711) for prompt assistance. If a tree falls from common property onto your property, please call the WCA office if it’s during business hours (804-739-4344). If it is outside of business hours, please contact the manager on duty at the Aquatic and Fitness Center (804-739-3454).

Newsletter Delivery

If you have not been receiving your newsletter, please be aware of the following:

The delivery company is not legally permitted to bring the newsletter to your door OR place it inside your mailbox. They can only legally place the newsletter in the small alcove below your mailbox.

However, there are some instances where the newsletter cannot be placed in that alcove, and those include:
– Blocked (flap covering, block inside)
– Stuffed, not cleaned out
– Damaged (bottom out, protruding nails)
– Birds Nesting
– Mailbox blocked (car or worker vehicles parked in front of mailbox)

If you wish to receive the newsletter, please be sure that none of the above obstructions are present.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have birds nesting, please do not remove the nest. In the United States it’s illegal to remove or destroy any active nest from any native bird species. An active nest is defined as “a nest with eggs or brooding adults in it”. If the nest has been abandoned or no eggs have yet been laid, it can be removed.

Yellow Pollution “Curtain”

The Chesterfield County Utility Plant Manager explains the need and purpose of the curtain here:

The curtain was originally installed during a bridge project being performed by VDOT. As plant manager for the Addison-Evans Water Production & Laboratory Facility that produces drinking water from the reservoir, I inquired at the end of the VDOT project if we could retain the curtain. Citizens (including Woodlake residents) interested in the health of the reservoir have previously voiced concerns about potential accidents in the area spilling petroleum products. The turbidity curtains provide a level of protection against harm from such incidents and would enhance the potential for collection of oil from such a spill. It was for this reason the Utilities water treatment plant recommended the curtain be left in place as pro-active measure against possible issues caused by a busy thoroughfare crossing our drinking water reservoir. Since taking ownership we have shortened the curtain for better aesthetics and removed trash build-up from the curtain as needed.

The intent is to keep the curtain in place as long as it is in good shape to protect the reservoir from oil spills (i.e. containment of spill and better potential for clean-up of petroleum contamination in this important drinking water source) that could be caused by accidents on Hull Street Road; once it reaches a condition of disrepair a decision will need to be made by the County on whether to replace it (as the cost is not insignificant). The curtain addresses a valid concern raised by citizens of Chesterfield (including some Woodlake residents).

Trash Pickup Options

All Terrain Waste Services: 804-667-6223
Boyd’s Disposal: 804-591-0870

SmartWater CSI Liquid Available in Woodlake

Chesterfield Police say even the most intrepid burglar is no match for their newest crime-fighting tool.

The department has launched a pilot program to distribute free packs containing a forensic, traceable liquid known as SmartWater CSI to homeowners.

When applied to household items such as televisions, laptop computers and jewelry, even a miniscule amount of the high-tech liquid contains a unique chemical signature that can help police trace recovered stolen property back to its registered owner. And because the substance is undetectable by the naked eye – it emits a bright, yellow-green fluorescent glow only under ultraviolet black light – criminals have no idea whether they are stealing something that has been marked with the cutting-edge liquid or not.

“It’s like DNA, but for your stuff,” said Capt. Andrea Riesmeyer, commander of the county police department’s community services division.

“If we find the spot you marked on your flat-screen TV, we take a swab of that and send it to a lab in Florida for analysis. It will tell us who that television is registered to,” he said. “Two things happen: we can get that TV back to its rightful owner and we can seek charges against the person who has it for possession of stolen property.”

SmartWater was developed in the UK in the 1990s by a chemist and a retired detective. The company is responsible for hundreds of criminal convictions and has been proven to reduce burglaries by as muchs as 85 percent.

SmartWater has been available in the US since 2013, when the company’s US division, called SmartWater CSI, opened an office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

It’s no coincidence that Chesterfield is the first police department in Virginia to utilize the liquid. The county’s police chief, Jeffrey Katz, was the top cop in Boynton Beach, Florida, until last December.

“The best organizations continually challenge the status quo and seek out proven strategies to augment existing practices … and that’s what we are doing here,” Katz said in an email Friday.
“Chesterfield County’s SmartWater CSI strategy empowers our community by disrupting the comfort of those who deal in stolen property.

“We want thieves to wonder what is marked, what isn’t, and what type of crime they may be tied to if they are found in possession of forensically coded property. Anytime you can stack the odds against folks who profit off the exploitation of others, it’s a win for our community.”

If you are interested in getting SmartWater CSI, please contact your neighborhood advocate or the Chesterfield County Police Department at (804) 318-8448 for details!

Ads and Sponsorships

The inclusion of ads and/or sponsorships on the Woodlake website, newsletter, email blasts, or Facebook pages(s) does not imply endorsement or support of any of the linked information, services, products, or providers.

Parking Stickers

The use of our ramps/parking at Shelter Cove and Harbor Park is for residents only. All residents must have a parking sticker. These are free and available to residents, even during the current changes to our office hours. Before using a parking lot or ramp, please contact the WCA at 804-739-4344 to get sticker.

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