Committee Purpose:

The purpose of the Woodlake Environmental & Maintenance Committee is to assist residents, elected directors, staff and management of Woodlake Community Association and Woodlake Swim and Racquet Center with conserving and protecting natural resources and human health within and surrounding the community of Woodlake through environmental stewardship. This comprises compliance, conservation, pollution prevention and education through a variety of activities to enhance public awareness of the need to conserve, protect and enhance the natural resources and water quality of the Swift Creek Reservoir and its surrounding areas.

Committee Responsibilities:

It shall be the responsibility of this committee to implement the purpose stated above and to continue to pursue better management practices and educational opportunities for the residents of Woodlake. In addition, the committee will stay current with key environmental issues that may affect the Woodlake community and the health of the Swift Creek Reservoir. The committee will inform and where possible, advise the WCA Board of said issues.

The committee will actively stay informed of compliance to various Federal, State and County entities where necessary and required in order to further understand and communicate with the WCA Board to assure that Woodlake Community Association and Woodlake Swim and Racquet Centers’ maintenance operations and policies and procedures which might impact the community also safeguard these natural resources.

Adherence to state legislation, such as the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act enacted in 1988, is of utmost importance to ensure that effective land use and management are incorporated in current and future decisions to minimize negative anthropogenic impacts within surrounding environments.

Committee Organization:

The committee is composed of at least seven (7) voting members approved by the Board of Directors. A Board liaison and a WCA staff member will attend scheduled meetings of the WEC as directed by the BoD. The liaisons are non-voting and shall serve as an information resource from the Board of Directors to the committee and from the committee to the Board.

The chairperson of the committee shall be selected by a simple majority of committee members. The role of the Chair is to maintain continuity of goals, expressed by the meeting agendas and minutes and to maintain order at meetings to ensure that the committee fulfills its obligations and responsibilities as stated in the Charter.

A vice chair and secretary shall be selected by simple majority to assist the chairperson where necessary. The chair, vice chair, and secretary shall serve two year terms, with election to be held at the end of the calendar year. In the case of mid -term resignations, this shall confirm positions for any members elected within the interim of the two year term service.

Committee agendas and meeting minutes shall be posted to the WCA web site for view once meeting minutes have been approved by committee. At any time, if a member is incapable of serving on the committee, where the committee’s objectives as set forth in the Charter, or requested by the Woodlake BoD is compromised and/or impugned in a manner contrary to the essence of the committee, he/she may be asked to volunteer their efforts outside of the environmental committee.

Committee Operations:

The committee shall hold an open meeting at least every other month at a public location. Meetings shall be advertised at a minimum of three days in advance via the newsletter and/or marquee signs.

A committee member shall record the minutes of each committee meeting and the Board liaison shall present a report to the Board during their monthly meetings. The Committee is not authorized to take any action on behalf of the Woodlake Community Association until such action is reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. Committee members are not authorized to solicit bids from companies. The committee shall submit an annual plan of action to the Board by April of each year detailing specific time frames for achieving goals, program dates and the like.

The Woodlake Environmental & Maintenance Committee is dedicated to providing residents with a high quality of life. We believe the wonderful natural amenities in our community are central to maintaining this high quality. WEC, WCA and its residents also have a vested interest in preserving the Swift Creek Reservoir and the surrounding environment. Protecting our environment is an essential part of protecting our investments in our individual homes and our community property.

The WEC generally meets the second Thursday of each month, 7:00 p.m. at the Woodlake Community Clubhouse.


Cheralyn Potts (Vice Chair) Saddle Hill
Larry Tipton (Vice Chair) Powell Grove
Mike Wimsatt (Recording Secretary) Walnut Bend
Tom Yoke (Member) West Branch
Mark Cacamis (Member) Shelter Cove
John Irby (Member) Sunrise Bluff
Howard Grove (member) Chestnut Bluff
Erin Johnson Wrigglesworth (1st alternate) Sandstone Ridge
Laura Lee Thompson (Advisory Member) Mill Spring
Allan Heasty (Advisory Member) Shelter Cove
Matt Owens (Board Liaison)

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