The Woodlake Environmental Committee (WEC) is dedicated to providing residents with a high quality of life. We believe the wonderful natural amenities in our community are central to maintaining this high quality. WEC, WCA and its residents also have a vested interest in preserving the Swift Creek Reservoir and the surrounding environment. Protecting our environment is an essential part of protecting our investments in our individual homes and our community property.

The WEC generally meets the second Thursday of each month, 7:00 p.m. at the Woodlake Community Clubhouse.


Allan Heasty (Chair) North Chase
Mark Nay (Vice-Chair) Mill Spring
Allan Grecco Moss Creek
Molly Kaufman Shelter Cove
Marni Pilafian Sunrise Bluff
Sujan Henkanaththegedara Highberry Woods
Charlie Machak Standing Oak
Erin Johnson Wrigglesworth
Michael Traynor (Board Liaison) Windy Ridge

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