How do I book a Birthday Party?
Fill out the form HERE.

How early should I book my child’s party and how long does the booking process take?

We book in full about a month in advance; we may not be able to accommodate a request with less than 4 weeks notice.

When we receive your request, we enter it into an approval process which takes about 3 business days. Our front desk supervisor will contact you with your date and time. Once confirmed, we require a $50 non-refundable deposit, which can be taken over the phone.

All parties must be paid in full one week before the party date. Call the AFC at 804-739-3454 to make your payment.

If your party is denied for any reason we will come back to you with an alternate party choice or alternate party day and time.

What types of Birthday Parties do the Woodlake Aquatic and Fitness Center offer?
Due to current COVID restrictions, we are only offering Basic Pool Parties.


Basic Party: includes table/chairs/tablecloth/balloons

All parties (excluding the Basic Party) include a Host/Hostess who will stay for your entire party (2 hours). This Host/Hostess will also do all activities included with your party. All parties have a maximum number of 12. Additional guest fees will apply for a guest list larger than 12.

At the manager’s discretion, an additional fee of $35 may be applied for an extra host depending on the number of kids over the designated amount of 12.

These packages are available for all Theme Parties at both locations. Please pick one game package when booking your party.


Ping Pong Scramble: Players form a large circle in the pool and scramble to collect ping pong balls and place them in their container. Dump a large container of ping pong balls in the middle of the players’ circle. Whoever collects the most balls wins! Have them collect them in different colored laundry baskets or buckets that are placed on the edge of the pool. Great for individual or team play. Variation: Before the party use a permanent marker to give each ping pong ball a point value. The team with the highest score wins. Or place a small colored dot on each ball in different colors. Teams must only collect the balls with their color.

Noodle Race: Teams race across the pool on noodles. First team to have everyone go wins.

Soaked Shirt Relay (held outside the pool): Fun pool game and relay for all ages. Teams line up on one side of the pool. They must put on a large t-shirt and swim to the other side of the pool and back. Then take off the wet shirt and the next player must put it on and swim to the other side of the pool and back. Keep going until all players have completed the task – first team done wins. The shirt is very hard to get on and off while it is wet. Variation: Add other items that the players must put on such as a diving mask, flippers, shorts, bathing cap, nose plugs, pool ring … etc.


Sponge Ball Pool Game (out of the water): First, decide how many sponge balls you’d like to make—plan on 1 for each Frisbee. Get the cheapest ones available. After all, they’re going to be cut up! Choose your color or colors then cut each sponge lengthwise into ½” strips using scissors. You should get at least 5 strips out of each one. Gather all the strips together, hold them in a bunch with one hand and wrap a rubber band around the middle. Spread the strips even apart to form a ball then cut any stragglers to make the ball even. Wrap fishing line close to but not over the rubber band, tie tightly and knot. Carefully cut the rubber band off. Repeat for each ball and set aside. Grab your Frisbees, flip upside down, then press vinyl numbers firmly into place in the center of each one. Allow the numbers to adhere several hours before getting wet. Place the Frisbees in the pool, have the kids dunk their sponges and take turns trying to toss them into the Frisbees. When the winner reaches a mutually-agreed-upon score, the game is over.

The Lost Bottle: Kind of like I-Spy in the pool, a clear plastic bottle becomes almost invisible when at the bottom of the pool. This is a great game to play with older kids who are comfortable diving underwater. Play in the shallow end with less confident swimmers to help get them underwater for more than a second, or move to the deep end if they’re really great at holding their breath. Alternatively, you can use coins or even goggles — good practice for when one kid inevitably loses them at some point during the day.

Biggest Splash Contest: Who can make the biggest splash off of one of our Diving Boards?


Hula Hoop Contest (out of the pool)

Tube Relay Race: Have teams race across the pool in their tubes. First team to have all players back wins!

Slot Slam (can be done in or out of the pool): KanJam may be the hot outdoor lawn game of the summer, but we’re digging this floating version which brings the play into the pool. It’s a much easier and less splashier “sport” type game than pool basketball and volleyball, which can also get a little loud and crazy. And don’t worry; if you get the Slot Slam Flying Disc Game, the foam discs not only float, but they won’t sting if they miss their target and hit a sunbather. Which with our luck, will probably be us!

How much do your Birthday Parties cost and what is included?
• Our party cost range from $150-$340 depending on the type of party. Non-members/non-residents pay an additional $50 booking fee.
• All of our parties include 2 hours of party time and include 10 children.

How early can I arrive for my party?
• Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your party is scheduled to begin. We schedule our parties so that we can maximize our party time and your party space may be used for another party before and after your party.

What if I need more party time?
• In certain circumstances, we can allow for an extra hour of party time. The cost is $50 and we can only accommodate this if it is scheduled in advance.

Is there anything else that I need to know?
• We have limited access to refrigerator and freezer. We can only accommodate in small portions.
• Bad weather: In the case of bad weather, if you know 48 hours ahead that you would like to change your party date we will try to accommodate you without a fee. If you cancel we will keep your deposit. For pool parties we are required to clear the deck. If a room is available we will make an attempt to move games or other activities into the room. Unfortunately we cannot refund based on the weather.
• A Host/Hostess is a staff member that will assist and/or entertain during your party (if applicable).

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