The Architectural Review Board (ARB) composed of six residents, has been established to implement the Design Guidelines. Although the Guidelines contain a listing of specific requirements to be followed, the very nature of design is an individualistic process. Consequently, the responsibility of the ARB is to interpret the goals of the community and these Guidelines as they relate to each original design submittal. Approval or refusal of plans, location, exterior color or finish, or other specification, may be made upon any ground including purely aesthetic considerations. No two sites are alike and a design solution on one site is not necessarily appropriate on another.

Each property owner within Woodlake is responsible for his or her property’s compliance with the Design Guidelines. Any proposed improvements to be made to that property may affect the compliance, and the Covenants require that the Owner obtain approvals from the Association prior to making the improvements, in order to maintain compliance. This is true regardless of whether or not the work is being performed by the Owner directly or by a contractor.

The ARB reserves the right, in its reasonable discretion on a case by case basis, to deny the review of any application submitted in connection with the Covenants or these Design Guidelines and deny approval for exterior modifications, construction, site clearing, or development of any kind on any Lot in which the Owner of the Lot is in arrears for non-payment of annual or special assessments or other charges owed to the Association or if the Lot is burdened by a lien of the Association which has not been satisfied, or if there is an existing violation of the Covenants or Design Guidelines on the Lot. (The Woodlake Design Guidelines, 1.2.1a)

In addition to approvals from the Association, other approvals and permits may be required by the County, such as a building permit. It is not the responsibility of the Association or the ARB, to obtain any other permits for you, nor to provide any guarantees or waive any legal requirements for compliance with any state or county law, with the Covenants or the Guidelines.

The Architectural Review Board reviews plans for new buildings and houses, modifications, additions and accessory buildings in regular bi-monthly meetings. At those times, the ARB reviews all requests submitted on the appropriate application forms together with their supporting drawings and information. Application forms are available at the Woodlake Community Association (WCA) office. To be included on an ARB agenda, applications must be submitted no later than noon of the last business day before the meeting. An application is approved when notice is given to the applicant in writing by the ARB or its designated representative.

Minutes from the bi-monthly ARB meetings are not publicized for confidentiality reasons. If you are concerned about a specific project, please contact Brian Hoyle: brianh@woodlakeonline.com.


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