Thank you to everyone who is contributing to our success in re-opening the amenities and helping to keep them that way. Recently, the Association issued a statement on wearing masks when utilizing the amenities. While the intent of the statement was accurate, some of the wording evidently created some confusion.

Why wear a mask at Woodlake? There are a variety of reasons.

• We want to help keep the residents safe and healthy.
• We want to keep the employees safe and healthy.
• It is probably the simplest and easiest way to acknowledge and respect your neighbors and the staff during the pandemic.
• Recent steps announced by the Governor include that the wearing of masks, and indeed all other pandemic operating guidelines, can be enforced by the local Department of Health. The Governor went on to indicate that the local Department of Health has the authority to shut-down an entity, fine the entity, and/or take away its license to operate.
• We want to keep the amenities open.

That’s the why; now for the how.

The expectations:

• Always have a mask with you when going to any of the amenities.
• If one has to interact with staff, please put the mask up.
• If one has to interact with other residents, please put the mask up.
• If one is entering a building, one must have a mask on.
• If one is exiting a building, one must have a mask on until one gets outside and can fully social distance.
• If one is outside, have the mask handy and ready to use when approaching other people. Remember, it’s less about oneself and more about one’s neighbor.
• Practice social distancing of 6-10 feet.

Thank you to all for helping us in this process, as we continue to do our best to get, and keep, the amenities open; this being all while keeping everyone’s health and safety at the forefront of everything we do.

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