A Great Start to Out & Abouts!

It was a very busy week in Woodlake! We started the year with our Breakfast Club. With coffee treats and coffee consumed our residents started their day off on a full stomach and with a smile on their faces. At the AFC we had our first afternoon Line Dancing Class. We were pretty quick learners and were able to pretty much master 4 dances, Juli is an excellent teacher. On Wednesday we were lucky to have Becky Robinson be available to share with us once again. A previous resident presenter, she always sends us off thinking about what is important in our lives and how to get there. On Thursday we met a few of our younger residents at our first-ever Jr Breakfast Club. We all shared a yummy breakfast read a story and made new friends. Our Breakfast Clubs and Line Dancing will occur each month. Next week we will have a few more new activities for all ages. Please check out our new Out & About Event page on our website for details about these and other events.

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