A Great Fitness Challenge

We ended another great fitness challenge last week!! 100 days is a long time!! We had multiple contestants who were able to complete all workouts and all of their miles (100 miles walking/running and 100 miles biking). The measurements were very close! We had a lot of contestants lose a lot of inches and other contestants lost a lot of body weight! Our winner was Cathleen Shinn! She lost 2.61% of her body weight while completing 73 workouts, biking 104.61 miles, and walking/running 104.21 miles. Way to go Cathleen and all of the participants in this challenge for all of their hard work!

Our next fitness challenge is quickly approaching. Mission Slimpossible is an 8-week challenge that starts on February 3rd. Each week there will be a mission to complete that is work a certain number of points. Workouts, training sessions, and classes will all have a point value and the goal each week is to complete the mission by getting the number of points it is valued at. Participants of this challenge will receive 5 written workouts/week, 3 training sessions, 2 designated fitness classes/week, as well as access to a private Facebook group for accountability and motivation and nutritional guidance. There will be a winner each week for the contestant who completes the mission for the week as well as an overall winner who loses the most % body weight and they will receive a CASH PRIZE!! Sign-ups are online at bit.ly/slimpos. This challenge is open to members and non-members. We hope to see you at the gym soon!!

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