2020 Annual Meeting Election Results

2020 Annual Meeting Election Results & Board of Directors Organization Meeting

Congratulations to Our New Board Members!

Howard GroveJustin Soderberg

Congratulations also to the community for a job well done on Election 2020. The required quorum for the annual election of directors is 30% - this year we achieved 58%!
The Annual Organization Meeting of the Board of Directors took place immediately following the Annual Meeting. The officers of the Association for the next year are:
                        President                  Bob Sampson
                        Vice-President         Nancy Tatum
                        Secretary                  Howard Grove
                        Treasurer                  Leo Estes
Congratulations to our new officers, and thank you to each Board member for your service in leadership to the community; and thank you, the residents, for participating in this year's election, as we continue to move forward into a hopeful future.

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